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The most important thing you can do before you begin any kitchen or bath project is to set your budget. We know it’s not fun thinking about this part, but you’ll need to pay for your project, so it’s best to consider budget up front. Determining a firm budget early on helps every part of the process that follows, especially the design phase. Product choices can be made to give you the room of your dreams without stretching what you’re willing to spend.

02.  DREAM

This is one of the most fun parts of the process. Think about this question – what do you want your new kitchen to look like? To gather inspiration, visit our showrooms, search the internet, collect paint swatches, and tear pages out of magazines. Then, put it all together so you can share with your designer. These materials help us determine what your style is and give them an idea of what you want in your new space.


More than what colors you like or the type of appliances you like, you should have a must-have list for everything you’d like to be satisfied. To start, make a list of annoyances with your current room that you’d like to be fixed. Maybe you don’t have enough storage in your kitchen, or your bathroom is too dark and lacking light. Put all of those things on a list to share with your designer. Once that’s done, start adding things to you must have in your new space. Whatever those are, putting them in writing and giving the list to your designer ensures that you’re both on the same page when it comes to design.


Our Holmes Kitchen & Bath designers look forward to meeting with you to discuss your new space. When you visit one of our showrooms or schedule an appointment, you will be assigned one of our designers for your project who will guide you through to whole process. For your first meeting, bring all of the material that you previously gathered to kickstart the design process. Your designer will go over your ideas and requirements with you to learn what you’re looking to achieve in this new room. He or she will offer tips and considerations as they walk through each part of the room with you. This is a conversation. Our designers listen to what you have to say so they can design a room that best suits your needs.


If you liked what you heard after you met with your designer, the next step is to determine what there is to work with in the space. Your designer will visit your home to take measurements and photos of your current space. They will record any pieces that will be reused, adjoining rooms for transitions, and any structural issues that will need to be addressed. If your project is new construction, you or your contractor can provide the blueprints for the measurements.


Once your designer has the appropriate room measurements and your requirements for the project, your designer will get started on the design of the kitchen or bath. Using advanced design software, your designers will select the perfect cabinetry and fixtures. He or she will completely lay out the design in a 3D representation, so you can see your dream space before you move ahead.


As soon as the design is completed for your space, your designer will contact you to schedule an appointment for the presentation of your room’s design. At the presentation, you will see your designed space in 3D. Your designer will guide you through the entire room, the choices they made, and why they designed it the way they did. In addition to the design, they will provide you with options for paint colors, countertops, fixtures, and any other necessary items. You will be presented with a preliminary quote at the time of the appointment.


A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to allow you enough time to finalize your decision and choice selection. You will walk through every detail of the design and make a final decision on how you’d like to proceed with each element. Once your choices are made, you will receive the final price quote.


After you accept the final price quote, you will need to make a down payment for your new space. Once the down payment has been made, scheduling begins and your cabinetry is ordered.


Your designer will work with a professional installer to schedule the installation of your new room. We understand that in most cases you’ll be living in the home while construction happens, so we will work with you to determine the best time based on your life. With new construction, we can fit this into your timeline so that is aligns with the overall production schedule.

11.  ENJOY

Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy your new space!

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